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Welcome to wuhan to yuan temple! I am your tour guide, my name is x, you can call me little x. For a fun filled visit to in order to facilitate everyone, let me first introduce you.

Five hundred lohan: return yuan temple early possession of qing jiaqing (1798), changzhou tianning temple carved stone three years five hundred arhats like calligraphy. Season light years (1850), yuan temple, the monk and the folk craftsmen to Rio for this, again, through nine years, five hundred honour person square shape, sculpture art high for domestic unique. To be yuan temple several lohan has now become a kind of wuhan folk customs. To yuan temple was built in the qing shunzhi fifteen years (1658), with its architecture, sculpture, fine excellent, rich and famous buddhist. It with bao tong temple enlightenment, creek, lotus temple, temple today known as wuhan four big jungle.

Temple by the sutra depository, Ursa major and arhat hall three subject building. Temple is famous for Buddha dharma, for hundreds of years has been a buddhist believers worship of the holy land, the Chinese and foreign visitors, incense is very strong.

In 1922 to build the new cabinet is a great treasure to yuan temple, in addition to the scriptures, and figure of Buddha, are seen, stone carving, wood carving, calligraphy and painting monuments, and foreign friends gifts. Has two amazing treasures: it is six inches in width but the paper written by 5424 words of "Buddha", all written on the "diamond sutra" and "heart sutra"; Second, bloodletter the avatamsaka sutra and the method of sutra.

The new cabinet construction layout can be divided into north, south hospital, then three groups. Then have a free life pond. On both sides of the pool for the drum tower, center for WeiDuoDian, again into is Ursa major. The north and south double-box for guest room and monastery, then for the meditation room. South courtyard arhat hall, where there are 500 statue to take off the plastic craft lohan, forms and lifelike, is the top grade in the traditional sculpture art in China. North courtyard with sutra depository, big shi ge, CuiWei well construction, etc.

Temple buildings and a variety of figure of Buddha, buddhist classics after preserves the havoc and complete the "cultural revolution", notably the arhat hall of worship 500 ocean's golden body for outstanding features, is one of the four famous buddhist temple in hubei, national key buddhist monasteries.


"Bao guang, west park, north green cloud, in yuan." To yuan temple is located in wuhan hanyang CuiWei feng cui wei road west side, and GuQinTai adjacent. Say "convenient to return yuan no 2, there are many." Yuan temple temple name comes from this. To yuan temple site for private garden in Ming dynasty, by 1658, the park owner give alms to the monk in this build three small tower, tower buried unowned bones. Deng shedding pay property to build temples, then experience generation reconstruction in succession, hence become today's pattern. Owned by yuan temple building area of more than twenty thousand square meters?

Main construction points, both inside and outside. The outer court is mainly composed of gate house, courtyard, ponds; The inner court by the north courtyard, then Ursa and south courtyard sutra depository arhat hall three main body construction, as well as great, earth treasure house, etc. To yuan temple give an outstanding impression is consistent with the other temple is its architecture. It would not be symmetrical pattern of grand, but slightly clutter. Originally, built the temple, begging monk can't gather together in a short time together enough money to do the arrangement. Rich when you hurry to buy to repair, otherwise wait to raise enough money, ideas in the surrounding area has first bought by others. Monks have to can only have a sum of money in one place. The gate toward the east, but gradually from the south to the north side in buildings. Compared with the general big jungle, be yuan temple "hundred feet maolin, thousand bamboo pole, and red, brake, green around the cloud room", colorful, beautiful and pleasant.

Drops after lotus leaf green lotus pond, lotus flower in full bloom, is Ursa major, the temple Buddha like guanyin is the island, on both sides and 24 the heavens like, placed on a sloping surface, high technological level. Particularly noteworthy is that the sugar like sweets before running, it is not normal fabric, but wood and wood is wiser. Behind the of primitive simplicity and elegant modelling is unique, with high appreciation value, is a rare art treasures.

To the north and to the sutra depository, the magnificent building, decorative and elegant, is the treasure house of collection of cultural relics to yuan temple. Hidden inside a set of qing and bei Ye Zhenjing,.chinese or copper Buddha, both for treasures, and also has given some buddhist relics abroad. Main hall displays a Burmese jade Buddha statue, very beautiful.

West sutra depository, bypass tuas pavilion, south to the south of arhat hall, went into his house, can see a "field" glyph of five hundred arhats. Their ups and downs sit, joys and sorrows, each feminine beauty, rich distinguishing feature each, or legged earphones, or design, or studying buddhist scriptures, bouldering or drive out evil spirit, each are not identical, some brave, some gentle, some naive, silly, and some vicissitudes, expressions are all different, some in the pick up ear cleaning, some in a bored manner yawning, make people laugh. Ocean's production craft level is very high, to the end of the 19th century the qing guangxu years HuangBei County wang's father and son take a nine-year into. Type used on the process linoleum bodiless lacquer special method: first use unpainted clay idol with molding model, with a thick cloth, raw lacquer paste TaoSu step by step, and make each ocean's head and shoulders, ribs, leg respectively form a tendency, thus in the line of art image draws the outline of a large surface, make the action, different expressions. This process is conducive to the screw, enduring, and corrosion protection, is not bad, it is unique to China. Wuhan flood in 1954 and five hundred arhats, floating down the house after water back but intact, so wuhan folk have bathed ocean's "five hundred".

To yuan temple is also one of the birthplace of the modern buddhist revival. In the spring of 1922, too the mage to yuan temple lecture buddhist, when all the listeners, stimulate too buddhist volunteers, it is the same with listening celebrity to negotiate, to better buddhist generative, must set up the buddhist, extensive training talents of Buddhism, buddhist institute to run one of the cause of this is wuchang.


Each friend everybody is good!

Welcome to yuan temple tour, I'm a narrator, here in the next time I'll provide tour guide service for you, hope you can happy happy this trip to return yuan.

Be yuan temple, built in the qing shunzhi 15 years, in 1685, the temple is divided into east, west, south, north, medium five yards, covers an area of 46900 square meters, the whole layout is in the shape of the saffron why layout into gaza shape? Here, I'll fetch a XiaoGuanZi, please listen to my explanation, naturally see you later. To yuan temple hall of existing in 29. Zen is believed to be the white wizard in the Ming dynasty, hanyang poet Wang Zhangpu kwai garden built on the site, there are several theories about was built to yuan temple, with a white light, the main two collect alms while the mage is the late Ming dynasty war Yu Hanyang fucheng phoenix mountain gate, see bones and bleak, wants to do good, to build "the dong thap" and "yuan of Buddha, burying bones, over the dead, Wang Zhangfu asked what to yuan temple, the mage a:" 'yuan', the number of beginning, tao, the content of total also. 'to yuan namely nirvana, naturalization, to this, the birth and death, the company also ji Ben yuan, righteousness with' died '. 'circle' is all politics, "silence" is dead all trouble. To yuan is the righteousness of the enlightenment ". So say, Wang Zhangfu that, knew the mage way, will kwai garden gave, as a land of adding. And say, MingZongZhen late, one's ring finger broken screen CuiWei no.183 elders be special, tunneling sandals to pilgrimages, pray again after amputation. Elders to see its payoff, sure enough for him to live amputation, mouth litigation "to this to yuan". Rich grateful, wish to elder new temples, that is, its size to the elders, elders make finished, with hand broken cassock thrown to the sky: "in this land of a cassock", suddenly, the saffron getting larger, landed, but over and over 50 Chinese acres, rich for old so mana, readily buy this place, which is a cassock, hire the skillful craftsman, selected fine material around the stone, after several years to build successful, and a mage named after "return yuan" for the temple. Believe I said everybody should be here already know I previously mentioned "cassock shape" on the layout is going on?

In front of everyone now is owned by three yuan temple, also is the door to yuan temple, buddhist temple gate said three, namely the three free door in the buddhist scriptures, is in the middle of the gate, the left and right, respectively is no phase and for the doors. The door also have claims of architectural form, to yuan temple three eight words in chaoyang, is a symbol of the wide knot good causes and conditions, purdue beings, meaning auspicious. You another door at the top of the blue background with phnom penh vertical rectangle plaque, according to legend, when the white light mage should leave main peak and the monk can't, had to please his name inscribed temple, permanent memorial, the white light welcome accidents, was written when he left it to yuan temple four word.

Into three, greets us is the script of the late qing dynasty scholar zhang day Yu "namo amida Buddha", meaning it is converted to amida Buddha. Now is north, to the house on the right side of the people inside are chanting hall, sutra depository, such as a few buildings, let's start from north hospital visit.

Everyone see the round door "CuiWei scenic spots", "CuiWei" 2 words or from the wang kwai garden, according to the record, the taihu, bought Wang Zhangfu in kwai assembled a large rockery garden, confusing CuiWei peak, for gaopeng insisted that was higher than the sutra depository CuiWei peak than now, it is a pity in the Ming dynasty was destroyed by the war. Built to yuan temple when moved away decadent residual stone, CuiWei peak in name only, the white light mage felt very sorry, and the stone will be moved to the temple right rear on little round top yet. Now return to yuan temple nearby "CuiWei street" and so on all is hence the name. "Scenic spots" two words here is to contain the color of Buddhism.

Here is the chanting hall, three holy chanting hall to the west, namely amida Buddha and his two collaborators shi guan Yin bodhisattva and trend to bodhisattva. In addition to manjusri and samantabhadra bodhisattva. Practicing buddhist temple shrine 6 meters high, 5 meters wide, cresting red sun shining brightly, two dragon sea, double phoenix chaoyang, meaning "in extremely good fortune". You may have noticed the sweets? It is up to 4.5 meters, in 1935, made of carved five embossed with a design group, you can see what time? Actually it displays from left to right several plots in the classical novel "journey to the west" of China, respectively is: the emperor taizong of tang's monk teacher and pupil off, such as come to kuan ti bodhisattva said, four major Kings and "seven" Buddha, Buddha is in the tree, Buddha to tang's monk teacher and pupil. Very interesting!

Under the good, please go with me to sutra depository, now we see the sutra depository was rebuilt in 1920, for two layer 5, about 25 meters high, first of all we see is the whiteness in the pavilion, radiant like jade Buddha. The Buddha came from yangon, myanmar treble in 1935 disciples, the jade Buddha weighing about two tons, the best preserved of Buddha in the temple in China. Sutra depository collection is very rich, with the southern song dynasty suzhou sand at the st institutes publication orphan "chut sand hidden" and "on the" print in the qing dynasty. "On the" 7250 volumes, intact, is one of the valuable information of the research on Buddhism in China. In the sutra depository of the buddhist relics of our country and foreign buddhist gifts, such as the northern wei dynasty stone Buddha, the ice crack net bottle of Ming dynasty, qing dynasty of the hollow out relief, pattra-leaf scriptures of India, Burma's sandal wood box, Malaysia's jade tower, etc. You can visit slowly.

In the sutra depository is beside the big shi ge, mainly temple consecrate guanyin bodhisattva. You can see on the wall with the left side of the shrine willows of kannon, portrait for 闫立 this painted in tang dynasty. Portrait of the goddess of mercy, a serene, quiet, breast plump, posture is lightsome, shows the tang dynasty to plump for the aesthetic idea of beauty.

Friends, where we are right now is the main Ursa to yuan temple, here to worship is the supreme god of Buddhism sakyamuni, it is the most tall statue of Buddha in the temple, what do you think he zhangs six golden body, head bao canopy, the top and sat down on a lotus and torment. Decoration behind a fire, is a magic mirror, the symbol of light, the Buddha before a statue of the lion, the image of Buddha's previous generation for the lion king. You to look at the two trees in front of the Buddha, is the representative of a Buddha nirvana double suoluo trees, it is said that the Buddha nirvana after cremation, seven Buddha appeared in the fire, so people often before prayer paper or Huang Biaozhi, incense and candle, so the leaves into a flame, also leaves each have seven Buddha. Also writing is "the Buddha, brightness, dharma wheel often turn" of eight rounds. Disciple of caleb leaves left and right of the Buddha, called "difficult".

We'll see maitreya!!!! He was known as the Buddha iii of the "future Buddha", you could see him innocently, funny, don't give people a kind of blessings shallow, happy, secure, a symbol of munificent magnanimous. Become the idea of a "laughing Buddha" or "happy Buddha". Shrine have a pair of couplet: "tatu accommodate, let the world is impossible, CiYan often laughed all ridiculous people". The united legend was written by zhu yuanzhang!

Please go with me to visit arhat hall below again. Image is since the tang dynasty of five hundred arhats in our country, by the five dynasties began to flourish, people will be referring to name checked out of each of the insufficient to fabricate, fill in five hundred. After the northern song dynasty temple is built around the arhat hall, and today, is preserved in temples in the country of the arhat hall has been one of the few, mainly blue cloud temple in Beijing, wuhan to yuan temple, kunming facies distribution temple, bao guang temple in chengdu, chongqing arhat temple and suzhou saionji. In comparison, again to yuan temple arhat hall is the most characteristic, the most famous.

Arhat hall layout is tian glyph, there were four yuan, is in order to make the inside of the temple Luo Hanyou enough light. Another field word is positive and negative two word "all" in Buddhism superposition, this layout suggests a good god who auspicious and mystery.

The arhat hall, except to visit people also like to use it to predict a year, namely people said "ocean's number", wuhan is randomly selected a statue of rohan, and then follow the number, the number to look and their age equals the number of the archat. What can predict the fortunes of the year.

There is an old saying in China: clay idol of the dragon, "she added, but not in to yuan temple arhat hall said, because the ocean's neither woodcarving nor clay sculpture, instead of a prevailing in the tang dynasty's unique technology made in like, also called sloughing like or dry paint like, be yuan temple arhats statue is a rare dry paint, its production process is relatively complex, must first made human clay tire mold, after working with raw lacquer silk or grass cloth layers of adhesive on it, and then mixed with raw lacquer ash, wood powder to make paint scraping, shape details, air-dried again after buffing, then cut a small opening on the back of the statue, water flooding into mud pulp out tire mold and rinse, dry wood again after sealing, brush again on raw lacquer, gilding, and finally coated with tung oil or to maintain the luster bright paint.

The ocean's cost here is very high, but the process is not only save material, and each not more than 25 kg, lightweight body strong, waterproof, are not afraid of water. Very adapt to wuhan low-lying, what is the climate of high humidity environment. Suffered the worst flooding in wuhan in 1954, many places into the ocean, the ocean's also soak in the water, flooding back, lohan unharmed. So in that case, let alone is of the dragon, it is not a problem. I am afraid, let them go across the

Good friends, about to yuan temple? I give everybody introduction here, I hope I can make you satisfied, the interpretation of not detailed place also please everybody many burke. Welcome to wuhan again, take a look at to yuan temple.