carry over是什么意思

2017-06-06 11:19

carry on的意思大家可能知道,那carry over的呢?下面小编为大家带来carry over是什么意思,欢迎大家一起学习!

carry over的意思


carry over的双语例句

1. His neatness is a carry-over from his army days.


2. The group agreed to carry over their discussion on the topic to the next meeting.


3. At the high temperature used solids are pelletized, carry - over is lowered.

在所用的高温下,固体事先成粒, 带出量降低.

4. Some melt carry - over improves the wetting and equilibrium growth conditions.


5. Scalar formulas do carry over for these matrices.


6. The rights to the property carry over to Mrs Cody.


7. Every soldier must carry over 30 kilos on their back.


8. Internal carry - over warehouses refer to those that store exports for internal carry - over.


9. If so, does this bullying carry over into their childhood?

若是如此, 这种以大欺小的行为会不会延续至他们的童年?

10. Edward does not carry over his business ethics into his personal relationships.


11. Let's carry over this discussion after dinner!


12. The money will carry over to his son.


13. There is no carry - over of points.


14. Will you carry over features like level sync and other features to FFXIV?

像等级同调(LevelSync)之类的功能会在FFXIV中出现 吗 ?

15. Furthermore, you should not allow frustration from one problem to carry over the next problem.

最后, 别让题目当中遇到的挫败影响到下一题目的作答.

carry over的英语例句

Furthermore, you may even like to see your money carry over for generations to come.

Meanwhile, Stoner will carry over his famous No.27 from his former sport into motor racing.

Asian-Americans lost Yao Ming (to retirement) but this kind of sensation could carry over to any race.

The K-MAX was selected because it can carry over 2, 700kg, which is more than its unladen weight.

CareerBliss found that a happy workplace can be infectious and carry over into a better customer experience.

Remember that if you give your house away, your original cost basis will carry over to the next owner.

What has Mr. Dent learned in mushing that might carry over to investing?

Accounts will be cross-platform, so cards and collections purchased for iOS play will carry overinto PC and Android launches.

The Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s that the airline operates or has on order typically carry over120 passengers each.

Could it possible that the hard work and dedication of these young girls will carry over when they grow up?

That does not seem to necessarily carry over to tax cuts for those that make a million dollars a year.

Usually people gift if the gift tax and income tax on the carry over basis is less than the estate tax.

The Giants have 45 games remaining this season and the suspension will carry over to the playoffs if the Giants qualify.

There's genuine shareholder value at the heart of many of Chouinard's ideals, which couldcarry over to all types of enterprise.

GDP, and the west-coast ports carry over half of the cargo that is shipped in and out of America in containers.